CLEF 2022 Accepted Papers

LONG Papers

  • "Meanspo please, I want to lose weight": A Characterization Study of Meanspiration Content on Tumblr Based on Images and Texts.
    Achilles, Mandl, Womser-Hacker
  • The Effect of Prolonged Exposure to Online Education on a Classroom Search Companion.
    Aliannejadi, Huibers, Landoni, Murgia, Pera.
  • Tracking news stories in short messages in the era of infodemic.
    Bernard, Suire, Faucher, Doucet, Rosso
  • Rythmic and Psycolinguistic Features for Authorship Tasks in the Spanish Parliament: Evaluation and Analysis.
    Corbara, Chulvi, Rosso, Moreo
  • Noise-Reduction for Automatically Transferred Relevance Judgments.
    Fröbe, Akiki, Potthast, Hagen
  • The Impact of Preprocessing on the Performance of Automated Fake News Detection.
    Mohtaj, Möllern
  • Leveraging Wikipedia Knowledge for Distant Supervision in Medical Concept Normalization.
    Ningtyas, El-Ebshihy, Herwanto, Piroi, Hanbury

SHORT Papers

  • Using Entities in Knowledge Graph Hierarchies to Classify Sensitive Information.
    Frayling, Mcdonald, Macdonald, Ounis
  • An Analysis of Logic Rule Dissemination in Sentiment Classifiers.
    Gupta, Bouadjenek, Robles-Kelly
  • Business Document Information Extraction: Towards Practical Benchmarks.
    Skalický, Šimsa, Uřičář, Šulc

Best of 2021 Labs

  • Query Expansion, Argument Mining and Document Scoring for an Efficient Question Answering System.
    Alhamzeh, Bouhaouel, Egyed-Zsigmond, Mitrović, Brunie, Kosch
  • Did I Miss Anything? A Study on Ranking Fusion and Manual Query Rewriting in Consumer Health Search.
    Di Nunzio, Vezzani
  • Evaluating Research Dataset Recommendations in a Living Lab.
    Keller, Munz
  • Analysing Moral Beliefs for Detecting Hate Speech Spreaders on Twitter.
    Lai, Stranisci, Bosco, Damiano, Patti
  • ImageCLEF 2021 Best of Labs: The Curious Case of Caption Generation for Medical Images.
    Nicolson, Dowling, Koopman
  • Transformer-Encoder-based Mathematical Information Retrieval.
    Reusch, Thiele, Lehner
  • Data-centric and model-centric approaches for biomedical question answering.
    Yoon, Yoo, Seo, Sung, Jeong, Kim, Kang